My Commitment

For over 30 years, our firm has successfully handled precedent setting cases against government, the insurance industry, and environmental polluters.  Our cases are not just about money.  While we have won substantial monetary awards for our clients through jury verdicts and out-of-court settlements, we have also raised the bar by demanding remedies to the problems through litigation, legislation, and public participation.  As a result, our cases have helped establish new and improved laws, rules, policies and procedures to make our State a safer place for Hawai'i's people and our future generations. 

No amount of money will ever restore an innocent victim's physical and emotional health, or a pristine coral reef irreparably damaged by muddy run off from illegal grading.  But through our lawsuits that seek both money and remedies, we have distinguished our practice from others. Our lawsuits have made a difference because we insist on changing laws that are unfair or discriminatory, and we refuse to settle unless the problem that caused the injury is remedied.

If a defective guardrail causes an accident, we make sure the guardrail is replaced with a safe one.  When developers grade land without permits, we insist on stronger laws, with teeth, to prevent future environmental damage.  When an employer's hiring practices result in injury, we demand improved written policies and procedures.  We have even written policies and procedures for the Defendants wesued to ensure the harm will never occur again. 

It is our mission to seek justice and pursue remedies, to make Hawai'i a safer place for ourselves, our kupuna, and our keiki, and to preserve and protect Hawaii's aina, our unique environment, for future generations.